Our Food is a fusion of Chinese & Indian flavors. We cater for vegetarians & meat lovers and we pride ourselves in having an open kitchen where you see your food being cooked and served in front of you. We don’t believe in a fixed menu. Our menu is a guideline for us and you (the customer). If you want our chefs to make something which is not on the menu please speak to our chefs who will be more then willing to fulfill requests (As long as we’re not too busy).

We serve only halal food products.

We use all fresh ingredients in our food and you can always speak to our team if you have any special requirements.

All of our food is fried in the same oils, including vegetable dishes, so if you would it to be fried separately please et us know in advance of placing your order, in in the notes section of your order.

We use egg on the batter of all our dishes.

We constantly strive to improve our food and like to change the menu every quarter to keep our customers happy with new offerings.

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STARTERS – 8 starters to choose from
Mains SAUCY DISHES – 19 dishes to choose from
Mains DRY DISHES – 10 DRY MAINs to choose from
CHOW MEIN – 3 versions of chow mein
Rice Combos
SIDES – 14 sides to choose from