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Papas Wok is a family run restaurant operating in the Sneinton area of Nottingham. Papas Wok opened its doors on on the 20th September 2018. The food is a fusion of Indian and Chinese spiced together. We run a open plan kitchen so you can see your food being cooked whilst you wait. We cater for everyone from vegetarians to meat lovers and have a kids menu from just £1 so make sure you bring the little ones along.

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(由 Google 提供翻譯) 絕對喜歡這個地方! 很棒的食物。新鮮且充滿風味,而且價格實惠。 永遠不必等待很長時間才能交貨,而且員工總是很友好。 謝謝爸爸炒鍋👍 (原始評論) Absolutely love this place! Fantastic food. Fresh and full of flavour, and for a great price. Never had to wait long for delivery and always friendly staff. Thank-you papas wok 👍
Steve W


(由 Google 提供翻譯) 我們在晚上 10 點下單,所以我很欣賞食物不是最新鮮的。然而,我們不得不等待一個多小時才能交貨,而當它來的時候,它是冰冷的。食物不能吃,我嚐到的味道很噁心。直接進垃圾桶!! 更新:您的回复完全是謊言!我們喜歡辛辣的食物,很抱歉您指錯了顧客。如果有的話,您已經證明了另一個不滿意的客戶。供應冷食違反食品安全。 我們在晚上 10.12 點了食物,它在晚上 11.20 左右到達,從剛剛吃的點開始大約需要 30 分鐘,說這可能是食物很冷需要重新加熱的原因。 印度支那食物是我在全國各地吃過的東西,萊斯特、伯明翰、倫敦、利茲、曼徹斯特。無論我在哪裡吃過這種風格的食物,我都喜歡它。您餐廳的食物令人憎惡,任何喜歡美食的人都會在他們的食物中哭泣。 (原始評論) We ordered late 10pm, so I appreciate the food was not the freshest. However, we had to wait over an hour for delivery and when it came it was stone cold. Food was inedible and what I did taste was disgusting. Straight in the bin!! Update: the response from you is a complete lie! We love spicey food, so sorry you are referring to the wrong customer. If anything, you have evidenced another unhappy customer. Serving cold food is against food safety. We ordered food at 10.12pm and it arrived at approx 11.20pm, taking approx 30 mins from the point in which just eat said it's on its probably why the food was stone cold and needed reheating. Indochinese food is something i have eaten all over the country leicester, Birmingham, London, leeds, Manchester. Everywhere i have had this style of food i have loved it. Your restaurants food is an abomination and would leave any fan of the cuisine crying into their food.
Jade Simpson


(由 Google 提供翻譯) 我可以對所有事情說 10 分之 10 分嗎!第一次嘗試爸爸炒鍋,我和我丈夫都非常驚訝!辣薯條就在現場,我們還嘗試了辣椒大蒜麵條,黑豆醬牛肉和香脆辣雞,一切都很新鮮,味道很好! (原始評論) Can I just say 10 out of 10 for everything! First time trying papas wok and me and my husband was very surprised! The spicy chips were spot on, we also tried chilli garlic noodles, beef in black bean sauce and crispy spicy chicken and all was hot & fresh and tasted beautiful!!
Shamila Khan


(由 Google 提供翻譯) 我們在Papas Wok的經驗非常好。我們喜歡各種肉類和素食主義者。 蔬菜春捲:點了5,但他們給了我們6,這很不錯。很好吃這些真的不能出錯。 多合一(雞肉):龍雞肉很棒,在我點的兩份雞肉菜餚中更好。雞肉schezuan不錯,但是與風味濃郁的龍雞相比卻平淡無奇。 一箱多吃(Veg):戈壁滿州菜和炒蔬菜都很好吃,而且調味得當。還給出了其中很大一部分。 我們都點了一份蔬菜麵條,辣椒和大蒜米,它們都裝在一個盒子裡。辣椒和蒜米很好吃,但不像我想的那麼辣。雖然很好吃。蔬菜麵條很令人失望,一點也不香,很平淡。兩者中的米飯要好得多。 我們訂購了兩個人,大盒子的分量大小給我留下了深刻的印象。這個小盒子比預期的要小,如果單獨訂購,可能無法滿足某人的飢餓感。 總體而言,我們非常喜歡Papas Wok的食物,並且肯定會再次訂購! (原始評論) Our experience with Papas Wok was very good. We liked the variety of both meat and vegetarian options. Veg Spring Rolls: Ordered 5 but they gave us 6 which was nice. Very tasty. Can’t really go wrong with these. All in One Box (Chicken): The dragon chicken was great and was the better out of the two chicken dishes I ordered. The chicken schezuan was nice but bland in comparison to the dragon chicken which had a lot more flavour. All in One Box (Veg): The gobi manchurian and stir fry vegetables were both tasty and well seasoned. A very good portion of these were given as well. We both ordered the vegetable noodles and chilli and garlic rice which came inside the all in one box. The chilli and garlic rice was nice but not as spicy as I thought. It was very tasty though. The vegetable noodles were rather disappointing, not very flavourful at all and quite bland. The rice was much better out of the two. We ordered for two people and were really impressed with the portion sizes of the large box. The small box was smaller than expected would probably not satisfy someone’s hunger if ordered by itself. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the food from Papas Wok and will definitely be ordering again!
Sofe Thewodros


(由 Google 提供翻譯) Omg驚人的中國食物,並猜測其正宗的清真食品。我們訂購了幾道主菜,每道菜都很美味。這就是為什麼你應該訪問1)美味2)合理的價格3)有益健康的部分4)品種5)友好的工作人員。阿米爾先生繼續說道,我們喜歡我們的每一份食物。 (原始評論) Omg amazing Chinese food and guess what its authentic halal as well. We ordered couple of main courses and everyhhing was delicious. This is why you should visit 1)tasty 2)reasonable prices 3)wholesome portion 4) variety 5)friendly staff. Mr.Amir keep it up we loved every bit of our food.
Sana Rizwan